Spring Boot and Ionic online store app

Back-End with Spring Boot, Maven, Spring Data, Spring Security, JWT, Aws S3 Bucket to store files, Google Email Service, Heroku deployment tools… (the front-end was made with Ionic and you can find the code in the project's page)

Spring Boot Thymeleaf to a party's guest list

Back-End with Spring Boot,Thymeleaf, Maven, Spring Data Jpa and Spring Security. Creating a simple guest list for a party. Only authorized users can access. Each new guest added can be added with a number of companions.

Spring social network for those willing to get rides

Implementing a simple CRUD using 4 Java classes. These 4 classes are one-for-many.Also using Spring, Maven, MySQL. These 4 classes work like a CRUD and are a social network for those willing to get rides.

Spring social network for those willing to get rides (part 2)

This is Spring + MySQL and Maven project too. I created an annotation named "perfil" with the credentials "user" and "admin". When the user access the the Principal Java class, there is a log request, and then the user can try the method "inclui" at a service class. The method will only work if the application marking the method has the credential. There is also a created annotation which will check if the marked method accept and "user", "admin", both or none. I am also using AspectJ here.